Embedding Time-Critical Scheduling In Drug Production

Embedding Time-Critical Scheduling Cover

Drug manufacturing is a multifaceted undertaking in which numerous parallel processes, activities and resources must be marshaled and reconciled within a high-pressure environment where human errors inevitably occur. Using the best technology infrastructure and software to deal with complex manufacturing requirements can reduce errors and significantly drive up efficiencies.

Download this whitepaper now to access three key case studies:

  1. Streamlined Manufacturing Planning Resulting In:
    • Reduced team planning time from 21 hours to 1 hour per day
    • Increased production-planning horizon from 1 week to 4 weeks
  2. Maximized Production Efficiency
    • Reduced Work in Progress
    • Cut Lead Time
    • Reduced Wastage
  3. Pandemic Planning to:
    • Design-capacity study to deliver 150m doses in 6 months
  • Manufacturing complexity.
  • Software and infrastructure.
  • Hosted solutions.
  • And more.

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