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Meeting the Challenges of Regulatory Information Management

The current explosion of novel products, data and regulatory requirements across multiple geographies mean that life sciences companies need better ways of managing and streamlining regulatory information. The days of manually handling everything from commitments and correspondence to publishing and submissions are obsolete. That means finding and employing a Regulatory Information Management (RIM) system that meets your specific needs. The right RIM system will enable you to increase regulatory compliance speed, collaboration, efficiency and visibility across your portfolio.

Learn about what to look for in a RIM system and how to optimize your regulatory processes. Hear about solving key challenges and observe critical use cases demonstrated within IQVIA’s RIM Smart system. Ask our experts the important questions.

This webinar will demonstrate:

  • A regulatory intelligence-driven approach to automating regulatory compliance
  • The value of interconnectivity across the entire regulatory process and product lifecycle
  • The benefits of modularity and system compatibility
  • How your RIM system can help you gain greater insight into your regulatory programs

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Shylendra Kumar

Director, Product Offering and Development

IQVIA Technology Solutions

As Director of Product Offering and Development, Shylendra Kumar is responsible for leading the design, development and delivery regulatory technology solutions for IQVIA. He focuses specifically on strategic innovative solutions that drive efficiency through intelligence and automation. Kumar received his MPH (Epidemiology and Biostatics) degree from Boston University and an MA (Social Sciences) degree from Bangalore University.

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Richard D’Mello

Sr. Director, Commercial Strategy and Operations

IQVIA Integrated Global Compliance

As Senior Commercial Strategy and Operations Director for IQVIA Integrated Global Compliance, Richard D’Mello is responsible for driving the growth of IQVIA’s Safety, Regulatory, Quality and Commercial Compliance business. This includes establishing and governing strategic initiatives and identifying innovative technology and services solutions that meet the needs of customers. D’Mello obtained his PhD in Neuroscience from University College London and a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Biomedical Science from Kings College London.

Moderated by

Andrea Charles

Editor, Custom Content

Informa Pharma Intelligence

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