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Welcome to your May edition of the Pharma Intelligence and Skipta monthly Newsletter.

This month, we invite you to:

  • Gain an insight into the hot topics and the latest news amongst Informa’s Insights publications

  • Understand how Skipta micro-communities unified physicians treating the same disease in the Lipid Management Case Study

  • Find out why Gather is your go-to solution to canceled events and conferences.

Insights Round Up: May
Includes the following articles:
  • States Take Unusual Actions To Control On-Label Drug Supply Amidst COVID-19 Shortages
  • Wave Of Launches Boosts US Biosimilars Market
  • 48 US States Support Mallinckrodt Opioid Settlement

Case Study: Lipid Management (Cardiology)
Dive into the Lipid Management Case Study from Skipta to discover the results of a marketing endeavor to unite verified physicians with an interest in the cardiology space across specialty silos. Find out:

  • How HCP members were targeted
  • Marketing tactics used
  • The measurable results of the campaign

Infographic: Skipta Gather

Dive even deeper with Skipta’s infographic to gain an insight into the best solutions to your marketing challenges due to COVID-19. Find out:

  • Why conferences and trade shows are an effective way for pharma marketers to drive conversions
  • Predicted economic losses caused by canceled events and conferences
  • Marketing solutions that will continue to drive revenue even when meeting in person isn't possible

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